Q: What is DuctWizard?
A: DuctWizard is a website that allows customers to order custom ductwork from a local ductwork fabricator.
Q: Are monthly fees required?
A: No, you will only be charged for the ductwork you order.
Q: Who builds the ductwork?
A: We have independent ductwork fabricators located throughout the country to ensure you receive a quality product in a timely manner.
Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount of ductwork I can order?
A: No, there is no job too large or small for DuctWizard.
Q: How will I know the price of my order?
A: Before you finalize your order DuctWizard will show you your final price.
Q: How do I pay for my order?
A: In most instances where the fabricator has established a partnership with a supply house, you will be billed through your account with that supply house. In other instances, you will be able to use PayPal to conveniently pay for your order. Contact your local fabricator to see what options are available to you.
Q: How do I receive my ductwork?
A: In most cases your ductwork will be available to you through pickup at the fabricator's shop or at a local supply house. In some cases the fabricator will have a delivery service available. You will need to contact your fabricator to see what options are available to you.
Q: How do I become a fabricator?
A: We are always looking for fabricators to better serve our customers needs. Go to our Contact Us page and let us know that you are interested in becoming a DuctWizard fabricator and we will contact you soon.
Q: How do I get started ordering my ductwork?
A: By simply going to the Sign Up Now page, entering your information, and selecting the fabricator you will be ordering your ductwork from, you can start ordering your custom, quality ductwork immediately!
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