DuctWizard was initially started to help us overcome a reoccurring problem. Even with a combined 37 years experience in the HVAC installation industry, one problem we kept seeing over-and-over was that we were wasting a lot of sheet metal by cutting it the wrong size when building our ductwork.
A few years ago we decided to have some software developed to cut down on these mistakes. We had our programmers build a website that would allow us to punch in the measurements we needed our ductwork to be, and the software would show us a detailed cut sheet of how each side of the fitting should be cut and put together. By using this software we were able to eliminate almost all errors we were previously experiencing. Our waste was cut dramatically and the time it took to build the ductwork was much shorter. The software was so beneficial to us that we wanted to make it available to others, but we didn’t know which direction to take it.
In our area, many of the HVAC installers and service companies don’t build their own ductwork. They outsource it to a ductwork fabricator. We noticed that this process was often inefficient and very expensive. When these companies needed ductwork built, they would have to call or send a fax to the fabricator a drawing of what their fittings should look like. Obviously human error and miscommunication could easily occur during this process. After some time the fabricator would compute a price estimate, and if the price was reasonable the installer would give them the green light to build it. After it was built, the installer would then have to go pick it up.
We felt that we could greatly improve the efficiency of this process with our software. We realized that if we were to add some features to our software, we could eliminate a lot of the time and human error that was occurring during the old process.
With DuctWizard, when an installer needs ductwork built they simply follow a few easy steps. When they get on the website, they decide which ductwork fittings they need and they input the measurements of their ductwork. DuctWizard will then give them a price estimate, and when the order is placed it will email their order to a local DuctWizard fabricator. Within a short period of time they will have their quality ductwork ready for installation.
We know that using this software has helped make our company more efficient and profitable, and we know it can do the same for yours.
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